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Bryan Cranston confirmed to play Lex Luthor in Batman/Man of Steel?

Bryan Cranston has reportedly been cast as Lex Luthor in the Batman/Superman team-up sequel to Man of Steel.

The Breaking Bad star is said to have signed up to play Superman’s long-time nemesis for a minimum of six films which could extend to ten.

An official announcement of Cranston’s casting will apparently be scheduled for after Breaking Bad finishes in order for the news to ride the wave of the finale, say Cosmic Book News.

A source told the website: ‘Cranston truly is a dream casting for Luthor’.

Bryan will be joining a cast which includes Henry Cavill as Superman, and Ben Affleck who was revealed to have been cast as Batman this week.

People who were against Affleck landing the part – and there were quite a few – may not be pleased to hear the latest reports which say the Argo director and star could allegedly play Bruce Wayne for a total of 13 appearances in DC films.

Mark Strong was previously rumoured to be in line for the role of Lex Luthor, but having already appeared in one DC film (Green Lantern as Sinestro) was a factor in DC deciding not to go with him, as they are interested in having him play the part a second time.

The hotly-anticipated Batman/Man of Steel film is out in 2015.

Source: Metro UK

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Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I’ve added HD screencaps of Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” from Breaking Bad. Enjoy! I’ll make screencaptures from all episodes of all seasons of Breaking Bad.

Gallery Link
(x604) – Television Productions > [2008-2011] Breaking Bad > Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1×01 – Pilot

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I’ve posted these videos of Mr Bryan Cranston at Breaking Bad Premiere in Los Angeles with the cast. I’ll add HQs pictures to the gallery very soon!

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Hello everyone! I’m new owner of this site Bryan Cranston Online. My name is Mila. I’m fan of Mr Bryan Cranston since Breaking Bad. You might know me from my other sites: Mr Christoph Waltz Online, Maisie Williams Fan, Bella Heathcote Online and more sites here on my collective.

I will be updating the news about Bryan Cranston and his TV Series project finale season “Breaking Bad”.

Please follow to Bryan Cranston’s Twitter @BryanCranston.

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I filled the gallery with stills, bts and promotional photos of “Breaking Bad” season01:


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Hello everyone and thanks for visiting!

This is the official launch of the first Bryan Cranston fansite (at least as far as I’m aware). “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Breaking Bad” are two of my favorite series and I was thrilled to see Bryan play amazingly these two completely different characters.

Everything is still kind of under construction as Bryan has a huge career and it will take some time to catch up with everything. For now our gallery has his latest appearances in public events during 2012. I have some stuff related to his projects ready to upload but I want to update the gallery while working on the pages so I’ll make small project spotlight updating gallery, pages and maybe interviews/videos depending on the project.

Feel free to take a look around and save our page to visit us again for more updates on this talented man.

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I added the last set of 2012 event photos in the gallery and I think our next step will be the photoshoots part.


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Bryan Cranston tried out for a role in Alexander Payne’s next project, the road-trip movie “Nebraska,” but probably won’t get the role, the director told The Huffington Post today.

“He’s auditioned already,” Payne said of Cranston in an interview timed to coincide with yesterday’s release of “The Descendants” on Blu-ray and DVD. “I don’t think he’s right for the part, but he’s an astonishing actor, that guy.”

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More photos of Bryan during 2012 events are added in the gallery:


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